If there are any disorders with your neurological system, particularly the brain, it is going to take medical specialists who are thoroughly trained in the delicate science of neurological medicines. Doctors who are trained in neurological medicine treats disorders of the brain and various parts of the nervous system. This includes the skull, the meninges, the spinal cord, the pituitary gland and the vertebrae. Patients who would see a neurosurgeon are those who suffer from hydrocephalus, brain hemorrhaging, trauma to the spinal cord or head, disc herniation, various infections and tumors.

It is the tumor that is of special interest to this article. Tumors are usually the gateway to determining whether or not a person has cancer or simply a benign growth. To treat such tumors, experienced surgeons use a late technology called stereotactic radiosurgery (simplified to SRS). This technology uses radiation to cause the tumors to shrink by firing the radiation at the cells in question. There are minimal effects to the healthy cells. This type of radiation is preferred over other types because the side effects from its use are very little.

Stereotactic radiosurgery is not the typical surgical procedure because incisions are not required. Three types of technology processes are used to deliver SRS: gamma knive, Proton beams and linear acceleration machines. Gamma knife radiation uses gamma rays to remove tiny lesions and tumors in the brain. Proton beams are the latest technology and have the advantage of destroying all the cancer cells in one single session. The linear acceleration process can destroy all the cancer cells with one session using photon radiation. However, some larger tumors may take more than one session.

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